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A copywriter and marketer with a passion for turning businesses into stories.


Even the best products can fail without putting the right message in the right channels at the right time.


Whatever you may think, every business in 2016 is an online business and that means website, social media and content.


Nothing is more important that identifying your most profitable customers and targeting them appropriately.


Creative marketing can level the playing field between your business and your most threatening competition.

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My thoughts on writing, marketing, communications and occasional irrelevant topics.

Smoking. The greatest rebrand ever.

Sep/10 By

It’s a balmy, September evening in Bristol. We leave the bar to get some fresh air, take stock of the night and decide where to head next. Much to my surprise, a friend lights up a cigarette, looks sheepishly at me and shrugs; “it’s a social activity…and having a lighter is a conversation starter with girls.”

The importance of doing nothing (sometimes…)

Sep/2 By

I’ve seen a lot of colleagues burn themselves out by putting too much time and energy into their work. Passion and commitment is one thing, but there are lots of studies that show a correlation between longer working hours and reduced productivity.

In defence of university & “Generation Regret”

Aug/15 By

Aviva’s new study claims that more than a third of UK graduates now regret going to university and almost half feel they could have landed their current job without a university degree.

Augmented reality has changed mobile forever

Jul/15 By

Pok√©mon Go has pioneered augmented reality to the masses and made geo-location usable in a way that has never really worked before. It’s the brand that is responsible for breaking all of the records, but the innovation behind it is what will change mobile forever.

We live in the “most skilled region” outside of London

Jul/2 By

NatWest’s Regional Economic Tracker has shown that outside of London, we have the highest number of skilled workers in the country. These are people whose professions are considered a “benchmark for prosperity” of local economies: doctors, teachers, accountants, lawyers and no doubt freelance copywriters…

Life as a marketer, when you’re really a writer.

Jun/25 By

I graduated from Bath Spa University in 2011 with degree in Creative Writing. After getting a 68 in my second year, I decided to have a relaxed final year; safe in the knowledge that I was almost guaranteed a 2:1. Not the most ambitious or forward-thinking move, but a teenage one.

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